The 10 Piece Work Wear Starter Kit

Getting dressed for work can be rather overwhelming. Whether your office calls for casual or professional attire, the goal is to look put together. The do’s and don’ts are endless, but if you build your wardrobe around some staple pieces, you can never go wrong. Check out these budget friendly pieces that can help you always feel put together for the work world.


We all know there are some style no-brainers for the office. But, often times we go about building our work wardrobe and find that there is no cohesion in our look. Here is a list of the staple pieces every woman should invest in to make outfit creation effortless.

  • 3 Blazers: Black, White, Tan or Grey
  • 3 Pairs of Pants
  • 3 Skirts
  • 2 dresses
  • 8 Tops
  • 2 Jackets
  • 2 bags
  • 3 Pairs of Shoes: 2 heels and 1 flat

The goal is not to buy your entire wardrobe at once. So, I have compiled a list of 10 basic pieces that can help you be more stylish every day


The key to the starter kit is being a bit basic. You want pieces that fit within a chosen neutral palette and have few embellishments. In going “plain” with your essentials, they can be rotated without anyone noticing. By focusing on these items first, you will have time to save money and look for the rest of your wardrobe. It is okay if you can’t buy all the items at first. Select 3 pieces at a time that help you elevate your wardrobe immediately. For example, a blazer, pencil skirt, and pants will give you 2 suits and several more outfits.


White Button-Up

Violeta, $40


Lane Bryant, $50 // Michel Studio, $68  // Cover Story, $125

The white blouse is a cornerstone of wardrobe basics. It says, “Hey, I am a grown-up!” and a sophisticated layering piece. Wear it as often as you like. No one will know you don’t own 10 of them.


Cover Story, $110


Eloquii, $70 // Modcloth, $45 // Violeta, $80

From the office to dinner with the girls, a well-fitted blouse is a staple for everyone.  If you can opt for a silk blouse because it is a timeless piece that polishes any outfit.



Michel Studio, $38


Venus, $19  // Land’s End, $78 // Eloquii, $40

You may think that you can only pull off a turtleneck during the fall and winter. But this classic top is an underrated fashion basic. Opt for a thin one that you can layer without the added bulk.



Black Trousers

Eloquii, $80


River Island, $60  // Vince Camuto, $99  //  NYDJ, $124

A tailored pair of black pants can get you out of any “what to wear” dilemma.  There are several cuts to choose from, so try on different styles to find the one most suited for your body type.


Pencil Skirt

Michel Studio, $68


 ASOS, $32 // Universal Standard, $60 // ModCloth, $40

This timeless silhouette should be in every woman’s closet. No matter your age or style, this piece can offer several outfit opportunities. Thanks to its simplistic cut and always appropriate length you can wear it in any work environment.


Black Dress

City Chic, $89


Louben, $180  //  Carmakoma, $74 // Asos, $72

The black dress is the ultimate no brainer when you want to get dressed in a flash.  You can wear it as is or layer it with a blazer or over a white button up for extra flair.



Tailored Coat

Ralph Lauren, $260


Universal Standard, $230 // Asos, $87  // Violeta, $120

You may be thinking you already have a coat, but is it the coat? A tailored coat should blend into your entire wardrobe and be able to go from the office to an event. Find one that is the right color and cut for you and you will elevate all your looks.



Violeta, $119


Vince Camuto, $159   // Violeta, $100  // Eloquii, $100

Your job may not ever call for a blazer, but you need one anyway. This work-appropriate piece pairs well with every bottom and dress. It is the go to piece for when you want to look polished and even double as spring outerwear.




Shoes of Prey, $189


Jianna Stacked Heel Pump, $120  //  Hazel Pointy Toe Pump, $120  // Shoes of Prey, $190

Although we all love wearing our favorite comfy sneakers, some outfits call for heels. Aim for a pair around 3 inches tall and add some padding for a shoe that can last the whole day.


Sam Edelman, $77


Robert Zur, $250  // Louise Et Cie, $150 // Athena Alexander, $55

Some days you can’t bear the idea of having to teeter about in a high heel. A pair of solid neutral flats offer all day comfort and polished professionalism.



Marc Fisher, $179


Steve Madden, $130  // Dolce Vita, $240  // Top Shop, $100


Sometimes the work day calls for a practical shoe, but who says you can’t be stylish too.   A flat or low heel ankle bootie can go with everything from ankle trousers to a shift dress.


What are your go to pieces for the office?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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